A last minute goal from Hazard saves the day for Chelsea! | Chelsea 1-1 Wolves | 90min FanVoice

Chelsea drew 1-1 with Wolves at Stamford Bridge as a late goal from Hazard kept them in the points. In the first half the game was a goalless, Chelsea seemed to dominate the possession and created the chances out of the two sides but neither managed to break each other down and get the lead. In the second half it was wolves who went ahead first when Jiménez scored giving them the lead midway through the second. Chelsea seemed like they were in trouble as Wolves managed to keep them from scoring throughout the rest of the second. The game was all but over when Chelsea were gifted a draw when Hazard managed to score just minutes before the end of the second half. The game ended Chelsea 1-1 Wolves at full-time.
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Watchtime: 8:50
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